What are your thoughts on Albert Einstein’s “time is an illusion” quote?

I think he was dead right…ish!

I wouldn’t have used the word illusion, though. I would explain Time as being an abstract noun.

Let me expand. Fundamentally the only empirical evidence of Time is quantum and compound change. Zillions of change events that are happening across the entire universe, and within each of us. The universe expanding, galaxies shifting, the solar system revolving, the Earth spinning…each of us breathing in, out, blood pumping…molecules moving, atoms vibrating, quarks decaying. Change is the universe evolving. And all change us caused by energy differential.

Time plays no part in this all encompassing flow of change.

Time is merely the way we reference change. Time has 2 distinct meanings:-

  1. The dimension of change..i.e. the abstract model we use to calibrate and index change. Time is to change what temperature is to heat. Time is abstract, change is the objective reality. Just as temperature is abstract and heat is the objective reality,
  2. The ‘flow’ of change. Time is a collective noun for a non-specifuc set of change-events. Time is to change what Traffic is to vehicles. Traffic only ‘exists’ as a non-specific collective of vehicles. Time only exist as a non-specific set of change-events.

So, if you can accept that Temperature doesn’t exist (only heat) and that Traffic is an illusion (fundamentally only individual vehicles exist), then ‘pop’…Time ceases to exist. Only change happens. Only change-events ‘exist’.

As Einstein said…time is just an illusion.

Change is the only reality. As Aristotle knew.


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