If time is the fourth dimension, why can’t sound be the fifth?

Dimensions are much misunderstood things. And its a word badly misused by science.

Dimensions are abstract frameworks that we create, based on standard units, to calibrate and index an aspect of reality.

Space is a word with multiple meanings. In the context of dimensions, Space is the dimension of relative position, frame-worked in 3 vectors of xyz-axis (or height, length, width). And calibrated in standard units of distance e.g. miles

Time is the dimension of change. We calibrate change in standard units (hours, minutes etc). So changing position (motion) is calibrated in say miles per hour…the per hour bit being Time. Einstein designating Time as ‘The Fourth Dimension’ caused much confusion to those who came after him. It’s just a dimension. They aren’t numbered.

But there are many other calibration units we use to reference other things. For example Temperature calibrates heat. Temperature is the dimension of heat.

Sound can be measured in a number of ways, volume, tone, pitch etc. Each has a set of units (decibels for volume, not sure of tone and pitch..mghertz?).

So Sound is not just a single dimension, but multiple dimensions. Sound could be the fifth, sixth and seventh dimension, if you must.


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