Is time a concept made by humans or actually something that exists and flows forward?

Change ‘flows’ i.e. happens – Change is real.

Time is merely how we reference change. Time is ‘man-made’ as Einstein put it; i.e. an abstract noun (i.e. a human concept) , in both its two core meanings:-

  1. the dimension (measurement/calibration) of change rate. We calibrating changing position in, say, miles per hour – the per hour bit is time calibrating changing position.
  2. The collective ‘flow’ of change/change-events. time is to Change-events what Traffic is to vehicles – a non-specific collective noun.

Change (i.e. change of position aka motion) is real. Time is not.

Time doesn’t ‘flow’ – change ‘flows – look around you, the earth spinning, the tides turning, you breathing, atoms vibrating, quarks decaying…change and change events happening all around and within us. Where is Time…?Nowhere to be seen.

Is the fourth dimension tangible?

No dimension is tangible.

It is one of the most frustrating aspects of science, the fact that otherwise eminent academics have allowed the word dimension to be so badly misused. (And, yes, Einstein must take some of the blame – but mostly I blame those who came after him)

Dimension means measurement.

A dimension is a measurement framework that we overlay an aspect of reality to calibrate and reference that aspect of reality.

Example – Temperature is the dimension of heat. Temperature is how we calibrate and index heat. Temperature is abstract, heat is real.

Space and Time are both words with multiple meanings. Both have a context as dimensions.

In the context of dimensions, Space is the dimension of (relative) static position, hence xyz-axis. The dimension of Space is how we measure relative static position, using standard units. It is static relative position because, by definition, it excludes Time.

The dimension of Time is how we measure, calibrate, index change. For instance, changing position (motion) is calibrated in, say, miles per hour. The per hour bit is time calibrating the rate of change.

So merge Time, the dimension of change, and Space, the dimension of relative position, and we get Spacetime, the dimension of relative changing position (motion) (in fact relative constant motion, as dimensions are reference-frame specific).

So, in answer to you question, the fourth dimension, like all dimensions, is NOT tangible.

What are you ideas on why time can NOT be considered a dimension?

Firstly, make sure you have a definitive definition of the word dimension.

Then look at empirical evidence.

So, a dimension is an abstract model we use to calibrate and index an aspect of reality.

For exame, Temperature is the dimension of heat. Temperature is abstract, heat is real.

The only empirical evidence of ‘time passing’ is change. We use standard units (years, days hours etc) to calibrate change.

Time is the dimension of change. Time is to change what temperature is to heat.

So, I can’t see anyway that time cannot be considered a dimension. It is (in this context) a calibration and measurement framework, built on standard units. Just look at your clock. Time is a dimension.

What are your thoughts on Albert Einstein’s “time is an illusion” quote?

I think he was dead right…ish!

I wouldn’t have used the word illusion, though. I would explain Time as being an abstract noun.

Let me expand. Fundamentally the only empirical evidence of Time is quantum and compound change. Zillions of change events that are happening across the entire universe, and within each of us. The universe expanding, galaxies shifting, the solar system revolving, the Earth spinning…each of us breathing in, out, blood pumping…molecules moving, atoms vibrating, quarks decaying. Change is the universe evolving. And all change us caused by energy differential.

Time plays no part in this all encompassing flow of change.

Time is merely the way we reference change. Time has 2 distinct meanings:-

  1. The dimension of change..i.e. the abstract model we use to calibrate and index change. Time is to change what temperature is to heat. Time is abstract, change is the objective reality. Just as temperature is abstract and heat is the objective reality,
  2. The ‘flow’ of change. Time is a collective noun for a non-specifuc set of change-events. Time is to change what Traffic is to vehicles. Traffic only ‘exists’ as a non-specific collective of vehicles. Time only exist as a non-specific set of change-events.

So, if you can accept that Temperature doesn’t exist (only heat) and that Traffic is an illusion (fundamentally only individual vehicles exist), then ‘pop’…Time ceases to exist. Only change happens. Only change-events ‘exist’.

As Einstein said…time is just an illusion.

Change is the only reality. As Aristotle knew.

Time is not a dimension. How can the intelligent physics students confront physics professors delusions of time as a dimension?

Time clearly is a dimension.

Do you know what dimensions are? They are abstract measurement, calibration and indexing frameworks. They are how we measure, calibrate and index an underlying subject.

Example1:- Temperature is the dimension of heat. Temperature is how we measure, calibrate and index heat. Temperature is abstract; heat is real.

Example 2. Space (a word with multiple meanings) in this context is how we measure, calibrate and index relative position.Hence xyz axis. Space (in this context) is abstract, position is real.

And Time (in this context…time is also a word with multiple meanings) is the dimension of change. Time is how we measure change rate.

For example. A change of position is measured in, say, miles.

The rate of change of position, aka motion, is measured in miles PER HOUR. The ‘per hour’ bit is the dimension known as Time.

Time is hence the dimension of change. Time calibrates change. Time (in this context) is abstract. Change is real.

(Btw..if Space is the dimension of relative position, Time the dimension of change, hence Spacetime is the dimension of changing position aka Motion.)