Is time a concept made by humans or actually something that exists and flows forward?

Change ‘flows’ i.e. happens – Change is real.

Time is merely how we reference change. Time is ‘man-made’ as Einstein put it; i.e. an abstract noun (i.e. a human concept) , in both its two core meanings:-

  1. the dimension (measurement/calibration) of change rate. We calibrating changing position in, say, miles per hour – the per hour bit is time calibrating changing position.
  2. The collective ‘flow’ of change/change-events. time is to Change-events what Traffic is to vehicles – a non-specific collective noun.

Change (i.e. change of position aka motion) is real. Time is not.

Time doesn’t ‘flow’ – change ‘flows – look around you, the earth spinning, the tides turning, you breathing, atoms vibrating, quarks decaying…change and change events happening all around and within us. Where is Time…?Nowhere to be seen.

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