Is it possible that something can be ‘outside’ of the ‘space time’ continuum?

Obviously Yes; abstract nouns, are outside the space-time continuum. Mathematics, justice, fashion, arts, science, religion…all abstract nouns that only exist in our mind.

But are you sure you know what the Space-time continuum actually is??

Space (in this context) is the dimension of (relative) position (hence xyz-axis)

Time (in this context) is the dimension of change (hence ‘rate’).

Spacetime is hence the merged dimension of changing position aka, motion.

So anything that is a ‘concrete noun’ (as opposed to an abstract noun) i.e. has a tangible reality – like a quark, or a table or a solar system – has a physical ()relative) position, and probably incurs change. And mostly will include change of (relative) position…most things in the universe (maybe all things) are experiencing motion, and all experiences relative motion (dimensions being reference-frame specific).

So anything with a physical presence will always be within the space-time continuum as you call it.

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