What would the 4th dimension look like to us?

Dimensions are abstracts…they are just how we measure, calibrate and index things. They don’t look like anything, they only exists in our minds.

Space is three sub-dimensions of height, width, depth, or the xyz-axis – which measure/calibrate relative spatial position

You don’t see the dimension…height for instance is just the measurement.

And Time (the so-called 4th dimension) is the dimension of change…it’s how we calibrate and measure Change. Eg Motion (changing position) is measured as, say, miles PER HOUR. The per hour but is the calibration of the rate of change.

So we don’t see the fourth dimension, we don’t see any dimensions. They are abstract models. What we see are the the underlying realities being measured, indexed – that is position, and changing position, i.e. motion.


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