If time is an illusion, does that mean it’s not real?

Time is how we reference change; it is both the dimension of change (e.g. ‘per hour’) and the collective ‘flow’ of change (a non-specific collective like Traffic is to vehicles).

One word, two distinct contexts, both referencing change and change-events.

Dimensions and collective nouns are both abstract nouns. Abstract nouns only exist in our collective minds (some say ‘illusion’, I wouldn’t call Traffic an illusion).

The tangible underlying reality is change and change-events. Zillions of quantum and compund change-events. From the universe expanding, earth spinning, your heart beating , atoms vibrating to quarks decaying – change (of which motion, spatial change, is one subset).

So Time is abstract, change is real.

And change is reference-frame specific (not universal as people misunderstand Time to be).


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