Have you ever wondered how time was created? Does time even exist?

The ONLY empirical evidence of Time is change / change events (look around you – earth spinning, you breathing, quarks decaying – all change event series). Change can be quantum or compound, depending on your reference-frame. Time represents TWO distinct contexts of change:

1.The calibration of change (i.e. the dimension of change – hence ‘rate’ e.g. miles PER HOUR – the calibration of change of position aka motion) i.e. Time is to change what temperature is to heat, a dimension/calibration set. Temperature is abstract, heat is real, Time is abstract, change is real; and

2. Time is the collective ‘flow’ of change. Time is to change-events what ‘River’ is to water molecules – a collective term. But, fundamentally the word River is an abstract collective, water molecules are real. Time is a collective abstract, change-events are real – Time, the ‘flow’ of change.

Time, one word, two distinct meaning, both reference change.

So Time is abstract, it wasn’t created; but change occurs due to energy differential.

Does Time exist? Does a river exist or just a collection of water molecules?


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