If time doesn’t flow (block universe theory of time), why do I continue to have new experiences? Why don’t I simply stagnate in time?

The block universe theory proves nothing more than how witless some hypothetical maths based speculation can be.

The ONLY evidence of ‘time passing’ is change. Change is a fundamental feature of the universe. Look around you. The universe expanding, the earth spinning, tides turning, you breathing, atoms vibrating, quarkes decaying…change, continual quantum, compound and universal change.

Time (in this context) is merely a collective term for the ‘flow’ of change. Simples.

And clearly the past changes to become the present which changes again to be the future. Its not hard.

Not as hard as figuring out how supposedly eminent academics could come up with the awful block universe theory.

So change ‘flows’. And change brings you new experiences, and stops you stagnating.


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