Would time exist without observation, i.e. the observer effect?

No, but not because of the ‘observer effect’, but because Time is an abstract noun in both its core meanings. Abstract nouns only exist in our minds, so need an observers mind to ‘observe’ it.

Two example of abstract nouns to illustrate:-

  1. Traffic is a mass noun – i.e. a non-specific set of an underlying reality. Traffic is a collective noun (abstract) vehicles are he underlying reality. Traffic only exist sin our minds. In reality only individual vehicles exist.
  2. Temperature is a dimension – a measurement framework. Temperature measures heat. Heat is real, temperature is abstract,

Time has two core meaning, both abstract, both reference the only empirical evidence of Time passing:-

a. Time is a non-specific set of change events. Time is to change/ change-events what Traffic is to vehicles.

b. Time is the way we calibrate change – e.g. mile per hour is changing position (motion) being calibrated, quantity and rate. Time is to change what temperature is to heat.

Time – one word, two distinct meanings, both reference change and bot are abstract.

Without the observer, all that ‘exists’ is change. With the observer we use Time to calibrate and aggregate change.


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