Time and space: are they material realities or product of human consciousness?

The words Time and Space both have multiple meanings – not that you would guess that by listening to most scientists on the topic. Both meanings of Time are abstracts, one meaning of Space is. So the answer to your question is they can both be products of human consciousness. Let me explain:-

‘Space’ has several (related) meanings. A space could be a gap e.g. in a car park, for example. Space also refers to the dimension of position, i.e. the three vectors of xys axis. Or Space might mean ‘everything not on earth’ as in ‘outer space’.

And sometimes Space refers to the entire known universe.

But science is so often not specific when it uses the words. It liberally, lazily conflates these different meaning of these words.

In the context of dimension, space is the dimension of position. That is the three sub-dimension of length, breadth and height (xyz-axis), calibrated in standard units, allow us to overlay an abstract framework that calibrates and indexes position, and relative position.

‘Time’ has two core meanings…to expand on this:-

The ONLY empirical evidence of Time is change / change events (look around you – earth spinning, you breathing, quarks decaying – all change event series). Change can be quantum or compound, depending on your reference-frame. Time represents TWO distinct contexts of change:

1.The calibration of change (i.e. the dimension of change – hence ‘rate’ e.g. miles PER HOUR – the calibration of change of position aka motion) i.e. Time is to change what temperature is to heat, a dimension/calibration set. Temperature is abstract, heat is real, Time is abstract, change is real; and

2. Time is the collective ‘flow’ of change. Time is to change-events what ‘River’ is to water molecules – a collective term. Is a river real? Well yes, on one level; but, fundamentally the word River is an abstract collective, water molecules are real. So too Time is a collective abstract, change-events are real – Time, the ‘flow’ of change.

Time, one word, two distinct meaning, both reference change.

So, both words Time and Space have a context / definition as dimension, i.e. are abstract, or , as you say are products of human consciousness

Hence Space (in this context) is the (abstract) dimension of position, and Time (in this context) is the (abstract) dimension of change. So merge the two and space-time is the (abstract) dimension of changing position aka Motion.


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