If time prevents everything from happening at once and space prevents everything from happening at the same place, does spacetime prevent everything happening at the same place and same time?

Whoever said everything would happen at once? How can sequentially dependent events happen at once?…You can’t eat your cake until you’ve baked it.

And happening in the same place??? How can relative motion happen ‘in the same place’ ?

And, more significantly, Time is abstract in both its core meanings. It’s how we reference change. Change is reality. Time is abstract. Time doesn’t cause anything. Time can’t prevent anything. It only exists in our collective minds.

If Time is the dimension of change (hence rate…’miles per hour’ is time calibrating changing position).

Space (in this context) is the dimension of (relative) position…hence xyx-axis.

So merge the dimension of position (space) with the dimension of change (time) you get spacetime the dimension of changing position aka motion. Spacetime is the (abstract) dimension of motion.

And abstract dimensions can’t prevent anything. They only exist in our collective minds.


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