Units of time – frame by frame?

A ball rolls (or the earth spins) does it roll, stop, roll, stop in unperceivably small units of time. frame by frame? Quite simply, no. Each fundamental particle that makes up the whole ball will operate according to its own unique, independent event-series.

However, the ball is a composite of the billions of individual event-series occurring to the individual particles that makes up the ball. They, as a whole, will have a composite change stream, but not necessarily synchronised, hence the ball, as a whole, won’t be passing through any single “unit” of time.

So the idea that time is like a movie picture with hundreds of frames per second etc. can’t hold. Each quantum particle will have its own event-series. Whether or not an individual event-series operates in the “frame by frame” manner is debatable.

As we’ve already noted, there’s no evidence that these event series are synchronised (they might have dependencies, but that’s not the same as synchronisation). The frame is not a universal frame. It is a frame (if there is such a thing) for this quantum particle alone – unique and independent.

So think of time as progressing quantum event by quantum event rather than frame by frame.